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Kellen Clyne is an absentminded but brilliant scientist who performs genetic experiments. One day, they accidentally mutate their own genes with a special gene called the "bluegene" that causes them to shoot lasers out their face uncontrollably! They get fired from their job as a result. Now, Kellen must sneak back into the lab and restore their regular DNA, without being caught by the guards!

I created this project for the SummerPixelJam, https://itch.io/jam/summerpixeljam I created the entire game myself, including all assets except for the footstep noise and the background music.

Published Jul 03, 2016
Release date Jul 03, 2016
TagsGameMaker, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Stealth, Superpowers
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes


Bluegenes.exe 6 MB


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wow cool I cant say I like GM but this is pretty impressive!

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This game has a lot of potential. The method you are using for story telling and character building is very good. If you were able to put more time into it and had a lot more testing you would be able to polish out all the things getting in the way of making this a great game. Playtest this with anyone you can find to get more feedback than I can give right now if you plan on continuing development. I really want to see this made into something. (From one of the participants of SummerPixelJam, shame you coulldn't make it in time)